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Helen Avis

Helen Avis

Director of Finance

Helen Avis is one of Australia’s leading Finance Brokers, most recently being recognised in the MPA Top 100 Mortgage Broker Awards 2021. In the Specialist Finance Group Awards, Helen was won WA Broker of the Year 2021, National Broker of the Year for Residential Lending 2021and International Broker of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019. In addition, Helen has been honoured as a Top Flame Broker (St Georges Bank), Flame Foundation Member at St Georges Bank and an ANZ premium Broker.

Having joined SMATS Group in 2003, Helen now holds the position of Director of Finance for SMATS Services Pte Ltd, the main holding entity of Specialist Mortgage, and also sits on the Board of a number of the company’s subsidiaries around the world.

She is primarily responsible for managing and facilitating the lodgement and successful processing of all group lending activities and manages a team of 15 lending staff across the SMATS International operations.

Helen has successfully completed her Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/ Mortgage Broking Management) and is a member of the MFAA as well as being the Licence Holder under the ASIC Australian Credit Licence for Specialist Mortgage.

In addition she holds formal accreditation with most of Australia’s leading financial institutions including National Australia Bank, Westpac and St George Bank and has passed her UCCC Exam.

Helen has extensive lending experience, and has been involved in the Mortgage industry since 1989 when she became licenced under the UK FSA, as a Mortgage Broker and Financial Planner. Prior to this she was a Fund Manager for UK Equities for John Hancock International.

She successfully operated her own business working throughout Europe, advising clients on Finance and Mortgages, until 2002 when she was recruited to relocate to Singapore. Soon after, she decided to concentrate on the mortgage aspect of her profession and took up a position with Specialist Mortgage where she remains today.

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